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Every week, producers Corinne Furnari PA CCN and Carol Petersen RPh, CNP present you new and creative ways to help you make sense of health information and bring it home to you and your family. With years of clinical experience and research into traditional and cutting edge technologies, Corinne and Carol give you practical information to help you Take Charge of Your Health.

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2 days ago

Dr. Charles Simone and others published an article in the International Society for Orthomolecular Medicine Journal on nutrient recommendations for long Covid.

Monday Mar 13, 2023

Dr. Dekel presented what Susan Dominus missed. There are natural or bioidentical solutions for the misery women are facing with perimenopause and menopause. Big PhRMA's drug options are not the answer. Physicians are not trained in this area in medical school but no one is stopping them from learning.
This was recorded live at WBAI radio. We had offered Jeff T Bowles book "16 Fascinating Covid-19 & Spanish Flu Mysteries Solved!" and asked for $25 pledge for the radio station. Call 212-209-2950 to donate and email for your PDF to download bannedcovidbook@gmail.com

Monday Mar 06, 2023

Rather than look for causes, conventional medicine prefers to treat high blood pressure like it comes from nowhere.  We discuss causes of hypertension and compare the drug treatment to practical natural remedies we can all use.

Monday Feb 27, 2023

New York Times writer Susan Dominus wrote a feature "The Vicious Cycle" about the neglect that women in menopause suffer. Unfortunately, she wrote only a part of the story. We share with our listeners that all is not so grim and that the wonderful world of bioidentical hormones have been used for decades successfully to stop the vicious cycle.

Monday Feb 20, 2023

Three years ago, Jeff Bowles fitted the puzzle pieces he observed about Covid related deaths. Then Amazon banned his book. He updated it, added much more information and had his book approved for a short week. We discuss solving the puzzle and offer the PDF of his book as a premium for WBAI radio

Monday Feb 13, 2023

 Insulin resistance is rising and is responsible for many chronic conditions well beyond diabetes. We discuss metabolic flexibility, the causes of insulin resistance and what we can do to manage insulin.

Monday Feb 06, 2023

What are healthy fats? Are saturated fats good for our health or should we be avoiding them. What kind of diets should we be eating? How do we make decisions for our best health?

Monday Jan 30, 2023

NO is a very short lived mediator that relaxed the endothelium throughout the body. Sex and adrenal hormones and thyroid and growth hormone all inpact the formation of NO and are also affected by NO production.

Monday Jan 23, 2023

 Sometimes it seems an overwhelming task to take back your health. We discuss some simple changes and health basics that are cheap or free to start on that path.

Monday Jan 16, 2023

This is a replay of an interview with Marie Furnari, Corinne's mother after she reached 100.  Recently Marie passed away.  She always looked forward to her life.  Celebrate with us - a life well lived.

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